Benjamin Franklin, the father of time management, aptly said that “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” This popular adage is true in virtually every industry, and smart marketers hold it close to their hearts and follow it religiously.

While the wisdom behind the quote is quite obvious, you’d be surprised at just how many business owners and marketers ignore it and jump straight to action without a solid marketing plan.

Lack of planning can be disastrous for a marketing strategy. A comprehensive plan is the driving force behind the success of your marketing strategy. …

When it comes to successful marketing, content really is king. However, despite the fact that most businesses know just how important the right content is, it appears many have no idea what it should actually consist of.

Did you know for example, that content should be diversified? Do you even know what this means? If not, you’re most likely getting it wrong!

What does it mean to diversify your content?

Diversified content basically refers to the creation of a wide range of different types of content. …

Imagine if your sales team up and left your company tomorrow. Would you know the status of each project? Do you have your quarterly sales revenue at hand? If the answer is no, then it’s high time to start thinking about how to implement good processes so you can improve your sales cycle.

In the interest of saving you time we’ve come up with the best ways we think you can implement simple steps which will improve your sales cycle and help convert leads -

Start from the beginning

Most companies have some sort of sales process in place. The…

Everyone has had that feeling when you don’t have enough hours in the day. We’re leading busier and busier lives with many of us trying to fit as much in as possible without burning out. One weekend I saw the following quote.

“You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to people like Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson and Albert Einstein”

This quote inspired me to right this blog. Why? Because most highly productive people have tried and tested methods for getting their tasks done on time without needing to work…

For many years people have intimated that sales and marketing is something that you are either inherently good at or you are not. If you are in sales or marketing, I’m sure you have at one time or another heard someone say “it’s a perfect job for you because you have the gift of the gab.” It’s almost as if all you need, to be a good sales person is the ability to talk a lot. I have to say this attitude has always slightly irked me and hence I have spent many years on the quest of proving that…

There’s a huge difference between thinking a marketing project is a good idea and knowing it is. Jumping in headfirst instead of taking a breath and asking the why before the how will quickly hurl any company into choppy marketing waters.

And it’s only natural to want to jump straight in. We’re eager to get going so we often focus on the result more than how to get there. Plus, all the prep work can feel like a faff when you just want to hit that red button. …

5 stars behind a bell signifying customer service
Why is customer satisfaction important?

By far one of the most important skills your business needs in order to succeed is good customer service. Just for clarification, when I discuss customer service, I don’t just mean the people in the “customer service team” who answer the phones. Customer service is much more widespread than that ranges anyone who interacts with customers in your business too anyone who manages a department that gives a service to customers e.g. logistics.

In my humble opinion, it’s impossible to run a profitable, respected company if you cannot keep your customers happy. These days customer service is more important than…

The science behind sales and marketing, is marketing all about buying and selling
Is marketing all about buying and selling

Sales and marketing — are they an art or science? It is a debate I have often heard during my 25+ year career in this arena, full disclosure though, I have always felt it was a science and have been on a quest to prove that since I started selling back in 1996.

I think I’ve probably heard most arguments on both sides but when one starts to delve into it, I would expect everyone will start to lean towards the view that both areas are driven by science and this article explores that proposition.

No sales or marketing campaigns…

This is a question I ask every business I consult for and you’ll be surprised how many people don’t know much.

I assume that you want to be the best in your business, but without knowing anything about your competition how are you going to do that? You may want to carry on oblivious to your competitors, but doing so could actually harm your business. Why? Because understanding your competition is important to ensure you are offering at least the same level of service. …

Hakeem Adebiyi

Entrepreneur, Author, sales and marketing leader. On a quest to help myself and others be better than they imagine is possible.

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